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The community of Technological Artisans

I went into my company, Roland DG Mid Europe, with the specific purpose of training those who had bought our product. We are talking about plotters for large format printing. During these hours of training, twenty “technological artisans” gathered weekly in the same classroom to talk about tips, best practices and technology: along the way, I noticed that once they had overcome their initial diffidence, they started to no longer see each other as competitors but rather to share their experien...
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THE DNA OF STORYTELLING and the importance of having A STORY TO TELL

Let's talk about storytelling, a term and a practice that is at the centre of our way of communicating nowadays: who can resist the appeal of a good story or a smooth, exciting narrative? The cult of storytelling began with the ancient Greeks, a truly enviable people: they were dreamers yet had common sense, they were humorous and carefree yet at the same time morbidly attracted by human tragedy. As scientists, they knew how to combine intuition and discipline, they were compassionate rulers, never p...
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A guide to Piktochart, the web App for infographics

Piktochart is a web App for creating infographics that are easy and enjoyable to use. The App has a graphic interface based on Drag&Drop, with which you can easily manage the elements. Piktochart allows you to create texts, import images or use the predefined ones, use vectorial elements and create graphics, and even import content directly from .CVS files (such as those of Microsoft Excel). Once you have created your infographic, you can decide whether to export it as an image or in HTML (only for p...
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Paradigm shifts: towards a new way of thinking

Paradigm shifts, theorised by Kuhn in 1962, allow us to understand better the great change which we are facing in this particular historical epoch. The old way of thinking is making way for the new one and what we call crisis is nothing other than the effect of this large shift. However, the difficulty lies in being able to understand this and see the world with new eyes.   Prices drop, as does consumption. We always complain about the high cost of living and excessive consumerism, therefore we s...
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